The end of the Yalda Campaign

Yalda Campaign Wrap-up for Winners:

Yalda Celebration Conclusion

The Yalda adventure of VIT-RIN has come to an end!

We proudly announce that the VIT-RIN Yalda festival has concluded, and we thank you. VIT-RIN companions, for participating in this adventure. This campaign provided you with online games and various activities to accumulate credibility in the exciting world of VIT-RIN and also to gain access to cash prizes.

Throughout the campaign, you, as VIT-RIN companions, by participating in various activities, were able to increase your V-TONs. These credits will enable you to participate in future raffles and campaigns.

Cash prizes and V-TONs donations:

Every night of the VIT-RIN campaign, hundreds of 1000 V-TONs prizes were awarded to you active friends who increased their credibility by participating in this campaign, as well as a cash prize worth 10 million Tomans awarded to the raffle winner.

The more you engage in this space, the more amazing events will unfold for you.

With the conclusion of the Yalda campaign, this adventure has come to an end, but stay with VIT-RIN as exciting events are ongoing.

(Note: “V-TONs” and “VIT-RIN” are kept untranslated as they appear to be specific terms or names.)

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