General Rules and Regulations


Please note that all principles and procedures comply with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Electronic Commerce Law. In case of any changes in the laws, procedures, or services of VIT-RIN in the future, these changes will be published and updated on this page. Registering and using Vitrin implies acceptance of any announced changes. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically review this page to stay informed about potential changes.

Any copying of content from the VIT-RIN website, application, and social media pages, whether in part or in whole (including graphics, logos, illustrations, textual content, images, videos, all data, and content produced by the VIT-RIN group considered as VIT-RIN’s property), is prohibited and unauthorized. In case of violation of this prohibition, VIT-RIN will pursue its legal rights and take necessary legal actions and complaints through legal authorities.


User: A real person who registers their information on the VIT-RIN application, website, or other pages related to VIT-RIN during the registration process or uses VIT-RIN services in any way.

Credits:  VIT-RIN has three cash credits, namely V-TON equivalent to 100 Iranian Rials, L-TON equivalent to 1,000 Iranian Rials, and B-TON equivalent to 10,000 Iranian Rials. VIT-RIN also has two Credit and game ticket  are equivalent to 1 Toman and G-TON is equivalent to 500 Tomans, respectively.

Balances: VIT-RIN has two types of balances, cash balance, and credit balance.

  • Cash Balance: The total cash balance available for withdrawal in the VIT-RIN wallet.
  • Credit Balance: The total balance of various credits in the VIT-RIN wallet.

Privacy Policies

1.Using various methods, including entry through the verification code sent via text message, we ensure the security of your user account. Access to your account is only possible by accessing the text messages you receive, which are accessible only by authorized operators. (The number through which we communicate and will be in contact with you.)

2.The user registration in VIT-RIN implies acceptance of our terms and conditions, and any violation of these terms may result in receiving a warning from us and even account deletion.

3.You are responsible for ensuring the security of your user account information and should not share your account information with others. If you observe any signs of suspicious activity in your account, please inform us immediately.

4.To ensure the security of user and site information, VIT-RIN follows precautions against suspicious requests for accessing user and site information.

5.Personal and confidential information will not be publicly displayed on VIT-RIN.

6.A VIT-RIN account is only for one person’s use and is non-transferable.

7.Users are not authorized to use robots and related software (for account creation, completing forms, submitting withdrawal requests, etc.) on the website and application.

8.It is understood that the responsibility for protecting and safeguarding the information of user accounts and business owners lies with Vitrin, and it will only be provided to legal authorities in the event of a formal request. This information may be indirectly used for big data applications.

9.Registering a mobile phone number is done for communication and information purposes by VIT-RIN with users and business owners.

10.For the possibility of withdrawal requests, adding banking information, and completing the profile, it is essential.

11.Cash withdrawals are processed within 24 to 48 hours after the withdrawal request is made.

12.The maximum time a user can keep the credits obtained in VIT-RIN in their wallet is one year.

13.Registering bank information, such as card number, account number, and IBAN, is solely for financial settlement purposes, and the security of user information is the responsibility of VIT-RIN.

14.There is a daily limit for withdrawals and converting your credits to cash. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is two hundred thousand Iranian Rials.

15.By registering in VIT-RIN, your information such as name, email, and similar details are stored and used only for VIT-RIN purposes and will not be transferred to other

16.individuals or companies. Also, information about your IP and cookies is used only to send content relevant to you.

17.For better analysis of VIT-RIN services, collaboration with data analysis companies (such as Google Analytics) may take place. In this process, information such as gender and age may be used.

18.When users submit their comments on our website, the information in the comments form and visitor information is collected. This is done to prevent the submission of inappropriate comments and to identify IP addresses, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers correctly. In this process, comments are registered as a site member, and this information will be traceable in accordance with the regulations.


  • To store your name, email address, and website when performing activities such as submitting comments or filling out a contact form, we use cookie mechanisms. This action is to facilitate and streamline your experience, preventing the need to re-enter information, saving you time. The validity period of these cookies is limited to one year.
  • When visiting the login page, a temporary cookie is set to determine your browser’s ability to accept cookies. This cookie does not contain personal information and is automatically deleted when your browser is closed.
  • When logging into the user account, we set cookies to store login information and display preferences. Login system cookies last up to two days, and display preference cookies last up to one year. If the “Remember Me” option is enabled, these cookies will be saved for up to two weeks, eliminating the need to enter your username and password again.
  • When sending a discount code, an additional cookie is stored to indicate the sender of the discount code. This cookie does not contain personal information and only identifies the source of the discount code.
  • In VIT-RIN, comments and their metadata are retained indefinitely to process comments through automated approvals.