How to Earn?

You can easily earn credits by participating in VIT-RIN.

Complete Profile Form

Complete your profile by providing necessary information
and receive 100 V-TONs.

Complete Profile Data

100 +

Account Creation

Create a VIT-RIN digital account
and receive 200 V-TONs.

Create Digital Account

200 +


Have the chance to win and earn 60 V-TONs in 30 attempts
for each games, every 24 hours.

Daily From Every Game

30 +

Daily Mission

You have the opportunity to earn 24 V-TONs
every hour and daily, totaling 2,400 V-TONs.

Earn Daily Credit

24 +

Referring Friends

Invite your friends using the referral code
and receive 100 V-TONs.

Everyone Invited

100 +

Our team is always exploring innovative solutions to enhance the earning potential and features of your income-generating stages.