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Travel with VIT-RIN to the New World of Digital Possibilities

First Stage

Create Account

VIT-RIN account show many ways to earn credit

Second Stage

Earn Credit

you can earn by playing, activity and participating daily

Third Stage


you can convert credits into cash, or spend them

VIT Account

By creating an account, you can access all of VIT-RIN's features.

200 +

Equivalent 20,000 Toman Account creation gift

Embark on an Adventure

Play games with friends and earn V-TONs.

iPhone 14 Pro

Be the first one to earn 14,000 V-TONs and win the iPhone 14 Pro!

The Wondrous World of Credits

VIT-RIN offers diverse and thrilling credits, each with unique functionalities and values.


You can manage credits you receive from VIT-RIN here.

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