Campaign for Yalda Night Celebration at VIT-RIN

Your Yalda Night Overflowing with V-TONs

Every night, thousands of V-TONs credit and 10 million Tomans prize

The Yalda Campaign at VIT-RIN Makes Your Winter

Many of us gamers have spent years in the world of games. With each victory, we all experience a common feeling: the feeling of triumph. This delightful victory is what all gamers around the world are after.

VIT-RIN is the place where you can win and earn credit by playing!

All you need to do is create your account and step through the gates of VIT-RIN. Here, with every activity, you earn V-TONs.

Light Up Your Yalda Night with VIT-RIN.

VIT-RIN is a big gathering for those who like to take online gaming and activities seriously, and even earn income through them. Now, with the arrival of the last month of autumn and approaching Yalda Night, we are going to gather at Vitreen, and in the last three days of Azar (the ninth month of the Iranian calendar), there are plenty of prizes waiting for everyone!

The more, the merrier!

The Lights of VIT-RIN’s Yalda Night

This year, VIT-RIN’s Yalda is going to shine brightly with lots of lights, lights that you’ll light up:

Every night, there are prizes and lotteries

1 prize of 10 million Tomans and hundreds of 1000 V-TONs prizes (equivalent to 100 thousand Tomans)

How Can I Light Up These Lights?

There are many ways to earn credit at VIT-RIN. Here you can collect V-TONs and increase your chances of winning high credit and cash prizes!

Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Lottery: Follow VIT-RIN’s Instagram page and mention your friends under the competition post.

Campaign for Yalda Night Dates: December 18th, 19th, and 20th!

The winners of the lottery will be announced every night on VIT-RIN’s Instagram Story.

Want to know more about VIT-RIN? (Instagram hyperlink)

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