Rabbit Runner

The game “Rabbit Runner” puts you in the role of a rabbit. Your main objective in this game is to escape from the wolf, so you need to jump and touch the screen at the right time to eat carrots and increase your speed. Also, you should avoid slowing down by jumping over the knife chicks.

To achieve a Higher score, consider the following points:

  • This game is continuous, and you must jump in time.
  • You must eat the carrots you see along the way to increase your speed by jumping over them.

  • You must also avoid hitting the blade chicks to prevent your speed from decreasing.

  • The game speeds up over time, making jumping more difficult.
  • If the wolf catches up to you, the game ends.

For playing on Mobile and Desktop, follow the instructions below:

Play on Mobile

  • You can jump over obstacles and grab carrots by touching the screen.

Play on Desktop

  • You can jump over obstacles and grab carrots by clicking.

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