Stick Hero

“Stick Hero” challenges you to prevent falling into pits, which is the main objective of the game. By adjusting the height of your stick, you can cross from platform to platform positioned between each pit, ensuring you don’t fall and can reach the next platform.

To achieve a Higher score, consider the following points:

  • Touch the screen and keep your hand on it until the height of the stick reaches the distance between the holes.

  • Repeat this move for the next holes. If the height of the stick is greater or less than the length of the holes, you fall into the hole, and the game ends.
  • Each time you adjust the height of the stick exactly to the red square on the columns,
  • the score for that jump is doubled.

For playing on Mobile and Desktop, follow the instructions below:

Play on Mobile

  • To jump, touch and hold the screen until you reach the desired height.

Play on Desktop

  • To jump, click and hold the mouse button until you reach the desired height, then release the mouse button.

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