Game Types

Touch-Based: These games utilize touch-based user interfaces for interaction. Usually, players control the game through touch or finger movements on touchscreens or touchpads.

Strategy: These games are based on strategic decision-making and problem-solving challenges. They often involve puzzle-solving, riddles, similar activities, or employing specific strategies to progress.

Drag and Drop: This style of games allows players to interact by dragging and dropping objects or elements on the screen using a mouse or interactive touch.

Touch and Drag: These games are based on touch and drag movements on interactive screens. These movements may be used to move characters, objects, or various items in the game.

Speed-Based: These games revolve around competitions and speed-based competitions. They include car races, motorcycle races, cycling, water sports, etc.

Jumping: These games involve consecutive jumps and precise control of jumps or avoiding obstacles. Players usually need to jump at the right time to advance to the next levels.

Continuous Movement: This style of games includes continuous or consistent movement of characters or objects throughout the game. It can be used in adventure games, simulation games, etc.

Survival: In these games, players must strive to survive and endure various obstacles and dangers in the game environment. These games may require players to collect various resources and adopt different strategies to cope with environmental challenges.

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