Game Skills

Memory Strength

Memory can be defined as the brain’s ability to store, retrieve, and use information. Memory strength refers to a set of activities and exercises aimed at improving the mental capacity to remember and retain information.

Problem Solving

Problem solving involves using skills, knowledge, and logic to reach a solution or resolve a specific issue. This process includes analyzing the problem, gathering necessary information, employing appropriate strategies, and utilizing various resources to achieve an effective solution.

Action Speed

Action speed refers to the ability to perform reactions and tasks quickly, effectively, and accurately.

Planning and Strategy

Planning and strategy refer to designing and formulating a roadmap to achieve specific goals. This includes setting objectives, determining pathways to achieve those objectives, managing resources, and scheduling activities.

Time Management

Time management involves the optimal use of available time to perform tasks and activities effectively and efficiently.


Decision-making refers to the ability to choose an appropriate option or solution among different alternatives based on circumstances and desired goals.

Focus Skills

Focus skills means the ability to concentrate mentally on a specific task, activity, or goal within a specified period and with maximum efficiency.

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