Two-Player Duel Mode

  1. Choose your desired game.
  2. Click on the “Two-Player Duel” option on the game page.
  3. The number of winning opportunities and prizes is written in the description. After reading it, select the “Enter” option.
  4. In this page, your opponent is randomly selected. After the opponent is determined, you can click on the “I’m ready” option.
  5. After watching the advertisement, click on the “Start” button to begin the duel.
  6. The player who achieves a higher score than the other wins.
  7. After the game ends, you can view your own score and your opponent’s score.
  8. If you win, you will receive V-TONs and XP.
  9. If you lose, you will receive tickets and XP.
  10. If you choose the “Rematch” option, you will be paired with another random opponent and duel again.
  11. If you choose the “Exit” option, you will return to the main game page.
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