Introducing the Game Tower Building

 VIT-RIN, focusing on online games, provides credibility to its audience. Currently, there are 8 games available for play on the VIT-RIN website. These games, with their unique attractions and challenges, enhance your skills. In this blog, we will explore how to play “Tower Building,” its benefits, and ways to earn from it. 

Why Play This Game:

Equipping You with Cognitive Skills: This game allows you to enhance your cognitive skills and engage in problem-solving and analysis.

Suitable for All Ages: Due to its simple rules, this game is attractive for people of all ages.

Time-Consuming and Entertaining: As an entertaining game, Tower Building is suitable for passing leisure time and enjoying a gaming experience.

Improving Motor Control Skills: This game helps you improve your hand-eye coordination and enhances motor control skills.


Enhancing Balance and Precision Skills: This game enhances balance and precision skills. Each hit and block placement requires accuracy and attention to balance.

Improving Tower Building Strategy: Each player needs to develop a suitable strategy for placing blocks on top of each other. This includes improving tower-building strategy and space management.

A Platform for Competition: If you play with friends or family, it can serve as a platform for competition and contest among your friends.

Game Style:

Puzzle – Touch

Game Type:

“Tower Building” is an exciting combination of arcade and strategy that challenges your skills. With smart decision-making and high precision, you can perform well in this game.

How to Earn from “Tower Building” in VIT-RIN:

To earn from Tower Building, depending on the game mode you choose (single-player or duel), you will receive different V-TONs. To earn Vitons in the game, you need to beat your previous record or your opponent’s record. In game , you need to place the blocks accurately and timely on top of each other. Proper timing is crucial. To earn Vitons from this game, consider these tips.

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