“Stick Hero” challenges you to utilize your woodworking skills to leap from platforms and avoid falling into pits. The main objective of this game is to use your wooden plank to jump to the appropriate height between platforms and progress to the next platform without falling into the pits. However, if the height of the wooden plank is higher or lower than necessary, you will plummet into the pit and lose the game.
To jump from one platform to another, you must touch the screen and hold your hand to adjust the height of the wooden plank to the necessary level for clearing the gap. As you continue playing, the game will become progressively more challenging in terms of adjusting the height between platforms, requiring more skill and concentration.

Game Skills:
This game relies heavily on accuracy and proper timing for jumping between platforms. Time your screen taps and hand holding precisely. To successfully execute jumps and avoid falling into pits, you need to focus and pay attention to the various distances and positions in the game. As time passes, the pressure and stress increase. You must quickly and accurately plan your next moves to prevent falling.