“Skilled Pilot” challenges you to act as an airplane pilot collecting blue triangles while avoiding collisions with red rocks. Your main goal in this game is to collect the blue triangles and avoid colliding with the red rocks to ensure the airplane’s fuel for continuing the journey and achieving higher scores. By moving your hand across the screen, you navigate the airplane up or down to collect the blue triangles optimally and avoid collisions with the red rocks. Additionally, you must manage your fuel carefully and conserve it by efficiently using the blue triangles. As time passes, the game speed increases, presenting more challenges. Therefore, you need to react promptly and accurately to the changing speed of the game and the new conditions that arise to achieve the best results and set higher records.

Game Skills:
Given the high speed of the game and the spatial diversity of rocks along the path, **reaction speed** is crucial in this game. **Accurate** **identification** of blue triangles and red rocks is also vital. Proper **planning and strategy** for collecting blue triangles and maneuvering the airplane to the necessary points to maximize scores and avoid collisions with red rocks are also of great importance. **Attention and Focus** are required to overcome the challenges and obstacles of the game for advancing to higher levels and earning more points.