In the game “Dangerous Road” you play as a chick who must navigate through busy streets without colliding with cars. You can move forward, backward, left, and right to avoid the traffic and progress forward.
Your main objective in this game is to safely navigate through the busy streets while avoiding collisions with cars and achieving a higher score. Each collision with a car will end the game.
You must adapt your strategy based on changes in the number of lanes and the direction of car movement on each street. Predict car movements carefully to choose the right time to cross the streets. Additionally, as you progress in the game, the speed of cars increases, and the complexity of the game escalates, making it more challenging.

Game Skills:
Given the complexity of the game environment and the advanced movement of cars, you need Attention and Focus to all details of the game to prevent collisions with cars. Reaction Speed in decision-making helps you choose a better path and avoid collisions with cars. Also, pay attention to Timing car movements along the way to successfully and timely navigate past them. As the game progresses and car speeds increase, you must change your Planning and Strategy promptly and think of new ways to avoid collisions with cars.